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Find the Best Virginia Wedding Photographers & Videographers to help you capture every moment of your best day!


One of the most important aspects of your wedding is the photographer. These talented visionaries capture the day for you, preserving cherished memories you’ll show your family and friends for years to come. We know finding the best wedding photographer for your big day matters, and luckily Virginia has no shortage of talented people who dedicate their lives to capturing your wedding. Virginia wedding photographers know the venues and arrive prepared to catch you—and your wedding—at the best angle. If the talented photographers in the area weren’t enough, the talented Virginia wedding videographers in the area can tell the story of your wedding day through gorgeous film. The professional photographers and videographers located throughout the state do an excellent job capturing the stunning weddings happening every weekend here in Virginia wine country. 

Here are three things to consider when choosing your ideal wedding photographer or videographer

  1. Portfolio. This is the best place to start! The quickest way to know if you want someone preserving the memory of your wedding is by looking at their other work. Do you love the way someone photographs a small detail or finds exquisite lighting in every shot? Obsessed with the creative angle or visual interest in every image? Their previous work gives you an indication of how they’d capture your wedding, too, and lets you know if you want something similar for your own. 
  2. Location. Does this photographer consistently photograph vineyards, churches or another venue similar to yours? Seeing consistently well done work in a venue similar to your own (maybe even the venue you’re planning on!) means the photographer is familiar with the way weddings work in that setting. They’ll be prepared for anything thrown at them, rain or shine, and will know the best on-site locations for photos. 
  3. Personality. You’re going to spend a lot of time with your photographer. By the end of the day, your photographer will have been an integral part of your wedding, capturing some of the biggest moments of your life on camera for you to enjoy forever. This person will follow you throughout your wedding day, giving you encouragement to look your best on camera, so be sure you get along and have similar taste in wedding photography.

The top photographers and videographers in Virginia make preserving the memory of your wedding not only beautiful but also delightful. The men and women who spend their time capturing Virginia weddings love what they do, and make finding a perfect fit an easy task. 


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