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Thank you for your interest in submitting your wedding or shoot! We’re always on the lookout for inspiring celebrations to share with our readers. Should your submission be declined, please know that you may still be selected for future submissions. No matter our decision, please continue to keep us in mind when shooting and submitting features in the future!



– Our readers love real weddings, so we’re always on the lookout for clever and stylish real wedding ideas.
Weddings and celebrations that have unique-to-VIRGINIA details.
– Submissions with a chic, elegant and stylish wine country mood.
– Time-appropriate holiday shoots and weddings.
– Destination weddings (domestic or international).
– Chic budget weddings (with total cost a plus!).
– High-end weddings.
– Shoots and real weddings loaded with unique décor and design inspiration we haven’t shared yet.
– Unique cultural weddings from diverse backgrounds.
– Seasonal weddings and shoots.

Some images we generally keep an eye out for include: vertical shots of the bride and groom, wedding bouquet, bridesmaid fashion, wedding cake, reception table and wedding invitations; as well as detailed shots of the groom’s boutonniere, a seating-chart display, eye-catching backdrops or garlands. For photo shoots, we look for a fresh concept and inspiring images with a mix of portraits, fashion and décor.

Please contact [email protected] with questions.



We give strong preference to bright, light and airy images (whether that’s film, hybrid or digital).
Please send anywhere from 50–100 images for us to consider.
– No watermarks, please.
– Images should be at least 1500px wide, all single files (no collages and no images larger than 3000px wide).
– Keep black and white photos to a minimum.



Please complete the form on this page. If you have a problem, please email us [email protected], but please note that the disclaimer in the form will still apply. Please do not send us submissions that have been published elsewhere online.



We welcome a number of different methods for sending images, as long as it does not require the sharing of folders like Google Drive or Dropbox invitations. If using either one, please send us a direct link to the Dropbox folder in lieu of a Dropbox folder invitation, and please ensure that “home” is not present in the URL, or we won’t be able to access it. A direct link saves us both time and space, and will ensure a quicker response. Here are an assortment of our preferred ways to receive images:

– Dropbox folder link
– PASS Gallery link
– Pixieset link

Please paste your image gallery URL in the field to the right. If your gallery requires a download pin or password, kindly make a note of it in the post content section along with your vendor list and story.

We review our submissions monthly and do our best to respond to every wedding or wedding-related submission that follows our guidelines.



By submitting features for consideration to Wine & Country Weddings, you hereby assume responsibility or ownership of its copyrighted work. Make sure included vendors are all in accordance with the plans to submit a feature. Please do not submit if a submission is pending elsewhere, as we do not retract scheduled features. Be advised, we will not respond to submissions without images and/or list of vendors.



If your submission is accepted to be featured on Wine & Country Weddings, we just ask that we retain exclusivity for 60 days past the time of your feature date on Wine & Country Weddings. We continuously promote your feature for at least a year to make sure it receives the exposure it deserves.



Featured weddings are determined by merit through imagery, décor aesthetics and trends, unique details, style, fashion and seasonality according to what Wine & Country Weddings’ readers love.



If you notice a broken link, tag, typo or mixup in the vendor list, please email us at [email protected]. We don’t check DMs as quickly as emails, and comments left on social media channels are easy to miss.

Note: We are online Monday–Friday during regular business hours EST.

  • Contact Info

    If you're the Bride, Groom or someone related to the couple submitting on their behalf, please make sure you have permission from the Photographer to share the images.

  • In a few words, please describe your Submission.
  • What makes your celebration special? Please tell us all about the fabulous details - especially DIY projects, how the concept or vision of the wedding or shoot was created, any anecdotes about how the couple met, etc.

    -Dropbox folder link
    -PASS Gallery link
    -Pixieset link


    Note: If using a Dropbox link, please make sure your link does not have the word "home" listed -- we need a direct link to the folder. Also, WE WILL NOT RESPOND TO ANY SUBMISSIONS SENT WITH ONLY A BLOG LINK. We require the actual image files in order to accept a feature.

  • We need vendor information from everyone hired or involved with website and social media handle of each. If you already have a Word Doc, or blog post draft or page with all links properly hyperlinked, you can just copy and paste your list here already linked to everyone. At the end of your submission in this field, please paste the Instagram handles of everyone in plain text.

    We typically include all of the handles we receive in the submission, please make sure you have everyone's Instagram names and don't forget to include yourself! Please note that we share vendor lists exactly as how they are sent to us, so please make sure to include URLs as well as IG handles.

    This submission is not currently pending a decision from any other wedding publication. It will not be submitted to any other wedding blogs, online magazines or print until and unless it has been declined by Wine & Country Weddings. Other vendors involved in the making of this wedding, shoot, or session have been informed of my submission to Wine & Country Weddings. I understand that once I submit this work for a feature, once accepted, it will not be removed under any circumstance.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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