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Picking the perfect bouquet for your wedding is an important feature on any bridal to-do list. With so many floral varieties, colors and bouquet styles to choose from, the task can feel overwhelming. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of tips for a breathtaking wedding bouquet to help get you started, no matter what time of year your wedding may be. We have even more floral trends to help inspire you as well. 


Virginia wine country florists will know which flowers will be in season and have the connections to supply locally-sourced arrangements and bouquets on your wedding day. They can help you pick an artful arrangement with florals that are guaranteed to be fresh, full and, most importantly, abundant! Not to mention, they may have flower suggestions perfect for your wedding that you haven’t thought of yet.

Wedding Bouquet

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Wedding Bouquet

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A beautiful, full bouquet makes for a memorable walk down the aisle and photographs well, too. If you’re opting for larger flowers like peonies or dahlias, you don’t need to include as many individual blooms to give your bouquet that desired full look. Balance them out with smaller buds to create perfect variation and depth in your bouquet.


You can achieve a bohemian or elegant vibe while still creating a bountiful bouquet by choosing a green-centric arrangement. Adding ferns and succulents to any bridal bouquet is not only on-trend but also country chic and stunning. Natural bouquets also look great alongside a variety of wedding styles, from a cozy indoor winter wedding to an outdoor wedding under the summer sun. Greens like huckleberry, astilbe, eriostemon and eucalyptus add volume and a lovely aroma to your arrangement, and can also create movement and direction within your bouquet, whether you want an overflowing cascading stye or an elegant, round arrangement.

Wedding Bouquet

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Wedding Bouquet

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Most popular wedding flowers can be naturally white, like roses or peonies. Baby’s breath, with its numerous tiny white buds, is a great way to add volume and a sprinkle of white to your arrangement. White goes with everything, too, so if you haven’t decided on bridesmaids dresses or your tablescape, you can guarantee that white flowers will work with whatever you end up choosing.


If you are unsure how to select complementary colors, you can always pick one hue and find different flowers in many variations. For example, for a pink hue, fill your bouquet with light pink dahlias or lilies and vibrant pink peonies or roses. Your bouquet will be colorful and effortlessly attractive.


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Building a beautiful bouquet is decidedly an art form, and we are so proud to have some many incredible florists in Virginia to help you. While it’s nice when designers want to pursue a certification in their field, this doesn’t always guarantee success. So be sure to talk with the designers in your area, look at lots of photos and get a clear picture of your ultimate vision. 

Armed with all of these tips for a breathtaking wedding bouquet, you are sure to love your flowers.  ~

MARY ALLEN TALLEY is a recent graduate of the University of Virginia and interned at Ivy Life & Style Media. In her free time, she enjoys reading, spending time with friends and exploring Charlottesville.

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