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A wedding comes together after months of planning; while beautiful, it’s a meticulously planned dance of caterers, rental companies, transportation, florists, entertainers and countless others. While you’ve dedicated a lot of time to choosing who takes part in this complicated day, you shouldn’t need to worry about any of it day of. Your wedding is about you and the person you love, so you shouldn’t need to feel distracted by making sure every moving piece is coming together. A wedding planner takes all of this stress off of you by ensuring your wedding fits your vision without you lifting a finger that day. Wedding planners in Virginia are familiar with your venue and any other vendors you have involved; they may even have great suggestions for vendors who perfectly fit into your vision. The variety of wedding stylists and planners in the state means there’s someone ready to take on any size wedding, any unique idea and any amount of coordinating to make your wedding beautiful and well organized. Adding a planner, stylist or designer into your wedding planning makes things run smoother. Local wedding planners work to ensure that your wedding matches your dream without you needing to stress about it!

Here are three things to consider when choosing a wedding planner: 

  1. Location. A local wedding planner knows venues and vendors in the area. A Virginia wedding planner’s familiarity with the area only helps you. No matter what your ideal wedding looks like, vineyard wedding planners or other specialized stylists and designers will know where to start looking to help you execute your dream.
  2. Organization. Day of, your wedding planner is in charge of making sure all of the vendors, guests and festivities flow smoothly. You want someone who’s organized in charge of all that chaos, making sure you have no idea how many things are being put together, taken down and brought in so that you can enjoy the resulting beauty. 
  3. Personality. Your wedding planner functions to assist you with making your dream wedding, so it’s important you’re working with someone who understands you and your taste. Not to mention, they’re in charge of all behind-the-scenes work day of, so be sure you select someone you trust.

Finding a wedding planner ready to help create your dream wedding makes your life so much easier and allows you to enjoy the most important day of your life. Virginia’s wide selection of wedding planners, designers and stylists ensures you will find someone familiar with your venue and knowledgeable about vendors perfect for your ideal wedding.


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