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Find the Best Virginia Wedding Lighting & AV Pros to help you look your very best on your wedding day.

As the sun sets throughout your wedding day, the light changes, so you will likely need to find a solution to ensure your wedding glows exactly how you like the entire time. Lighting affects everything at your wedding, from the mood to the photographs, so lighting your venue to match your wedding is important. String lights can create a soft glow while a chandelier provides more all-around lighting, affecting the way your reception will be experienced. The lighting you need varies by venue and style, making finding a lighting & A/V specialist very important. If you’re looking for a subtle romantic glow or a disco-style party for your event, Virginia lighting & A/V companies can help you find the right lighting for your big day. Local companies right here in Virginia wine country are prepared to help you find the best lighting for any venue and any celebration. 

Ready to start looking for the perfect lighting for your wedding? Here are three things to consider when selecting your lighting:

  1. Your venue. The size of your venue and the lighting already present affects how much and what type of lighting you will need. An outdoor tent reception has different lighting needs than an indoor reception, so consider this when looking at your best lighting options.
  2. The time of day. If your wedding is in the morning, you likely won’t have to deal with changing light throughout the day. However, if you have an evening or late afternoon wedding, the sunset makes a huge difference in the way your reception is lit, making the lighting that much more important. 
  3. The mood you want. Lighting can change the entire mood of a venue. Strands of golden string lights can create a romantic glow, while multicolored lighting on the dance floor can emphasize a party atmosphere. Finding lighting that fits the tone of your wedding matters, as it will create the mood you wish to capture.

No matter what type of lighting or how much you need, Virginia lighting companies can help you find the best light for your wedding day. Whether you’re looking for a classic glow or a more fun way to light your reception, finding the right lighting in Virginia is easy. 


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