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While every piece of your wedding matters, one thing guests always remember is the menu. Whether you serve hors d’oeuvres or a full five-course meal, guests remember your wedding food. Luckily, Virginia has some of the most talented catering companies in the country, who are willing to meet the high standards of any guest walking into your reception. Virginia wedding caterers work hard to reflect the rich food tradition of the area. After all, famous Virginian Thomas Jefferson himself was a notorious foodie. The variety of local catering companies willing to help make your big day perfect presents no shortage of truly incredible cuisine. Whether you’re looking for a wedding caterer to serve local food made with local ingredients or to whip up crowd-pleasing classics, Virginia catering companies offer a range of options fit for any event. The difficulty of planning your wedding menu in Virginia isn’t finding a great caterer but rather choosing from the abundance of talented chefs ready to meet your needs.

Ready to explore the plethora of catering companies in Virginia? Here are three things to consider when choosing a wedding caterer

  1. Do you plan on having a sit-down meal or several options of hor d’oeuvres? Different companies can specialize in different types of food for your wedding, so be sure to look at past events, especially weddings, that the company has catered to see if it reflects the ideas you have for your own. 
  2. Are you looking for a specific dish? Some caterers specialize in certain styles of food, so if you’re looking to serve a cultural staple at your wedding like halva or fried chicken, be sure to keep this in mind up front. The rest of the food will likely be just as good, and you’ll be sure to have your chosen favorite done right.
  3. Do any of your guests have dietary restrictions? Consider a caterer who will include an option so everyone can eat. Plenty of companies offer delicious vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free dishes to fit any menu, but be sure to ask this upfront.

The range of local caterers in Virginia literally caters to any need, whether you’re looking for a few simple hors d’oeuvres or a complete, multi-course meal. The talent of local chefs in the area makes it almost impossible to go wrong when planning your wedding menu. The real challenge is making a decision between all of the incredible food available.


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