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Find the Best Virginia Wedding Cake and Dessert Bakers & Patisseries to create a sweet finish to your celebration.


While delicious, a wedding cake is more than just a dessert: it also functions as part of your decorations. From simple, elegant cakes to intricately decorated, towering five-tier cakes, bakeries in Virginia are prepared to present a stunning addition to your reception. Unique wedding cakes perfect for your vineyard wedding or ballroom reception can be found right here at many local bakeries. Local bakers want to help you have the delicious, jaw-dropping cake of your dreams. From unique flavors to incredible detail work, your vision for your Virginia wedding cake can be accomplished. And if you’re interested in a less traditional dessert, Virginia bakeries offer an amazing selection of desserts and pastries. Finding unique wedding desserts here in Virginia is easy as pie (especially if that’s what you’re looking for!), with bakeries offering sweet treats like donuts, cupcakes, s’mores, cookies and countless other heavenly confections. 

Thinking about searching for a local Virginia bakery? Here are three things to consider when looking for your wedding bakery

  1. What kind of dessert you want? Some bakeries only make cakes, and some only specialize in non-traditional dessert options. If you know you absolutely must have mini cheesecakes at your reception, find a bakery that caters to your needs. On the other hand, if you know you want a classic wedding cake, start by searching for a cake bakery. 
  2. Decoration. Wedding cakes don’t always have to be white. Nowadays, you can even get a cake that doesn’t look like cake at all! If you know you want an intricate design, or even a cake sculpture, look for bakeries that specialize in the type of decorating you’re envisioning. On the flip side, if you admire well done simplicity, look for bakeries that present the elegant cakes of your dreams. 
  3. Guests. Part of the beauty of the cake is that it is a no-fail crowd pleaser. If you know some of your guests have dietary restrictions, you may want to look into some of the incredible gluten- and dairy-free options available at Virginia’s best bakeries. If you know you need to feed a crowd with your cake, find a bakery able to take on your reception size. A variety of factors come into play when choosing your desert menu, so be sure to consider anything and everything before finalizing your menu.

No matter how elegant, elaborate or unique you want your dream wedding cake to be, Virginia bakeries provide a wide array of options perfect for any celebration. 


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